• All Saints 'The Keep' Golden Cream Sherry - VF

    The mouth explodes with a profusion of fresh grape flavours adding a velvety texture to the wine; this results from the grapes being picked late in the season, at full ripeness. A young, fresh and appealing style of fortified wine with balanced sweetness.

    About: The wine is made from Muscat of Alexandria. As the name suggests, the variety is thought to have originated in Egypt and spread throughout the Mediterranean by the Romans. In Australia the variety is also known as Muscat Gordo Blanco.

    With its rich mouth-filling flavours this wine could be sipped on its own or enjoyed with lighter desserts. Serve at room temperature, chilled or with your favourite mixer.

    Grape: Muscat Gordo Blanco

    VF - Vegan Friendly

    All Saints Estate, Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia

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