• Vranken Cuvee Diamant Brut NV

    A complex, fresh, and intense bouquet with vegetal (cut grass, dried fern) and woody (humus) aromas. Ample and full-bodied on the palate, with aromas of syrupy fruits (fig, prune), rich pastry flavours (sweet rolls), and slightly musky end notes. An ideal champagne to serve with hors d’œuvres. Pairs well with saucy meat dishes during a meal.

    Vranken Style

    How do you win over consumers and create a new style? First, start with the vine, then strike a balance between the three varietals, with the right blend, one that resembles no other, that defines the wine’s spirit, its character; a wine that is recognisable anywhere in the world; above all, a wine that draws you in and that, year after year, never changes. The Cellar Director sets his vision for champagne, his style, his sensitivity, and above all, his great skill. What does a Vranken champagne say? Freshness and spontaneity, followed by fruity notes. Simplicity. Simplicity means that there is nothing more complex than whatever is natural and light. A Vranken champagne is gentle, elegant, fruity… in short, the spirit of celebration.

    Vranken, Champagne, France.

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