• Chain of Ponds Kangaroo Island Liqueur Sting (Honey) 700ml

     Island Sting is produced from pure Ligurian Bee honey, found only on Kangaroo Island. The Ligurian Bee was introduced from Italy to Kangaroo Island in 1884 and because there is no other strain of bee on the island it is now the purest strain of bee in the world and renowned for the quality of its honey. This is a fermented product, flavoured with a mix of natural herbs, spices and tree barks found on the island. A richness and warmth of flavour has been enhanced by this unique complexity of herbs and spices. The initial flavours are luscious and oily, with a rich and slippery texture that lingers on with amazing viscosity. The finish is almost bitter sweet with a crisp drying acidity that cleanses the palate.

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