• Stefano Lubiana 'Estate' Pinot Noir 2018 - B, O & VF

    Biodynamic, Organic and Vegan Friendly

    The Estate Pinot Noir is always a wine that needs time to show its true colours. It is made for the long haul with ample tannin and acidity as well as fruit density to last the distance. Densely packed layers of aroma on the nose, with a strikingly intense palate, are supported by especially vibrant and luscious fruit notes and fine tannin structure. A wine that will continue to open and grow with time in the bottle.

    Grape: Pinot Noir

    B - Biodynamic, O - Organic and VF - Vegan Friendly

    Stefano Lubiana Wines are Australian Certified Organic - Cert No.11317

    Stefano Lubiana Wines, Granton, Tasmania.

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