• Coriole Chefs Blend Olives 1 kilo


    The king of table olives, originating in the Peloponnese region of Greece. Dark fleshy fruit with a rich and full flavour.


    A smaller black olive originating in Greece and highly prized for thousands of years for the quality of olive oil it produces. When brined the Koroneiki olive produces a table olive sought after by great chefs, with perfumed, delicate aromas and gently flavours.


    From Italy, the Leccino is a drak skinned, highly versitile olive, suitable for both fine olive oil production and as a medium-sized, full flavoured table olive.


    Originating in France, the Verdale is a green olive that found a home in McLaren Vale in the late 19th century. The fruit is crisp and the flavours are clean and fruity.

    Pendolino & Coratina

    Both used primarily in the production of extra virgin olive oils, the Pendolino is prized for adding delicacy, while the opposite is true for Coratina; pungent and strong, this green olive is used judiciously to add a peppery flavour and a desirable touch of bitterness to the finish of fine olive oils.

    Chefs' Blend 1 KILO


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