• Hellyers Road 'Master Series 14yo Peated Single Cast' Whisky 700ml

    This peated single malt is amongst the oldest of its kind available from an Australian distillery. It has been carefully crafted using high-quality grain and some of the world’s purest drinking water to deliver a peated whisky that will delight those who like their spirit embodied with a touch of smokiness.

    Single Malt Peated Aged 14 Years
    185 Bottles

    Remnants of a fading camp-fire are conjured as typical hints of citrus, lemon and orange present through the haze. The palate becomes immersed in a vanilla sweetness with overtones of malt presenting. A lingering after-taste conjures fresh forest regeneration with layers of smoke and pepper omnipresent.

    Alcohol: 63%

    Size: 700ml


    Hellyers Road Distillery, Burnie, Tasmania

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