Josef Chromy Botrytis Dessert Wine 2019 375ml

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Spiced lemon, sweet blood orange and preserved peach flavours meld seamlessly with classic Riesling talc and subtle Botrytis characters and natural cool climate acidity to create a wine of complexity, structure and length.

'Botrytis Cinerea' is a necrotrophic fungus that affects many plant species, although its most notable hosts may be wine grapes. In viticulture, it is commonly known as "botrytis bunch rot"; in horticulture, it is usually called "grey mould" or "gray mold". It is deliberately cultivated (as noble rot) on the grapes used for certain wines.

Silver from the 2019 Tasmanian Wine Show

Grape: Riesling, Alcohol: 10%, Residual Sugars: 125 g/L

Josef Chromy Wines, Relbia, Tasmania