2020 Stefano Lubiana Sauvignon Blanc

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Biodynamic, Organic and Vegan Friendly

This biodynamic Sauvignon Blanc is anything but ordinary. It displays expressive aromatics, a delicate aroma (unusual for such a commonly pungent variety) and an acidic zing and liveliness on the palate. It’s a wine of subtlety and elegance, traits not normally associated with this variety. It displays more texture than most due to our low crop levels and extended time on lees in our winery. 70% stainless steel fermented and stored. 20% fermented and stored in Austrian oak foeder. 10% fermented and stored in seasoned oak cask. Aged for 8 months before blending and bottling after cross-flow filtration.

The wine displays gooseberry and fig flavours on the nose, which are complemented by crisp acidity on the front palate, ripe stone fruit and melon on the mid palate and finishes with hints of fresh asparagus.

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

B - Biodynamic, O - Organic and VF - Vegan Friendly

Stefano Lubiana Wines are Australian Certified Organic - Cert No.11317

Stefano Lubiana Wines, Granton, Tasmania.