Massenez Poire William Prisoner (pear in bottle)

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One of the most delicious and fragrant brandies made from Alsace's abundant supply of fruit is that of the Williams Pear, Eau-de-vie de poire Williams.

It is made by fermenting crushed ripe fruit for up to six weeks, and then distilling it to a relatively low strength which preserves its distinctive bouquet. It is then allowed to age. Knowing exactly the necessary time for aging and mellowing of a brandy like Poire Williams is one of the secrets of a great distiller's craft.

The particularly fruity taste of Williams Pear eau-de-vie (Brandy) is appreciated by a large number of consumers. This is not surprising since each bottle contains the equivalent of fourteen kilogrammes of Williams pears.

This relatively new eau-de-vie was created about forty years ago and enjoys wide success thanks to its original character and exclusive image.

G.E. Massenez Williams Pear has been awarded many medals and is sought after by discerning connoisseurs from around the world.