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This Month's Featured Wines

  • Lustau La Ina Fino Sherry
    Lustau La Ina Fino Sherry

    After the liquidation of Pedro Domecq, Lustau bought six of their bodegas and the rights to some of their brands, including the popular Fino La Ina. While Lustau moved most of the Domecq soleras to their own premises, the 4500 cask solera that holds La Ina still resides in the old Domecq building. Lustau is afraid moving them would alter their precious character too much, although they have now identified another bodega with very similar characteristics, so La Ina may be moved in the near future. Notes:- Very vibrant, with surprisingly bold acetaldehyde notes (apples), rising dough and some farmy hints (stable odours, hay, wet fur…). Tiny notes of sea spray. The longer you wait, the more it will move towards fruity notes. Not a beginngers nose, but certainly one with plenty of character. The perfect aperitif serve chilled especially on these hot summer days!!! 


    • $31.00 per bottle
  • Bethany Gen 6 Shiraz Cabernet 2011
    Bethany Gen 6 Shiraz Cabernet 2011

    A Great Aussie Red!

    Sometimes called The Great Aussie Red, this blend was first introduced by our winemakers in the 1880s when it was labeled Claret. Resurrected in the 1950s it has over the years become more and more popular, until it could now be internationally regarded as an Australian winemaking institution. Certainly our winemakers do it better than anyone else on the planet. The first thing one notices about this typical Barossa style is the brilliant garnet colour then the aromas of earthy, spicy fruit.


    • $19.85 per bottle
  • Cirillo 1850 Grenache Rose 2011
    Cirillo 1850 Grenache Rose 2011
    Ripe cherries rub up against tart cranberry edges, skirting a denser core of flavour. It’s all aligned to spirited acidity and a gentle rub of tannin. Whispers of red dirt, red licorice straps and nuts echo throughout the palate. Rolls out with genuine class and lingers with hints of musk and roses. Smashing gear in every sense. 93 Very Good – Excellent.  Jeremy Pringle ‘ Wine Will Eat Itself’
    • $20.00 per bottle