d'Arenberg "The Derelict Vineyard" Grenache 2018

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A concentrated wine with depth and complexity, oozing purple fruits.

Tasting notes

Incredible volumes of varietal expression on the nose. Plum, blueberry, raspberry. Distinctly d'Arenberg with an undercurrent of earth and game. The palate, whilst generous in fruit, remains medium bodied. Chalky tannins paired with succulent acidity make this Grenache exceedingly lively and mouthwatering. A number of years in bottle has refined this wine, smoothing edges whilst maintaining youthful appeal. Further ageing will build ever increasing layers of complexity and texture.

Behind the name

At a time when Grenache was considered unfashionable, Chester acquired many old bush vine, overgrown and abandoned vineyards. These vineyards still have a slightly dishevelled appearance, but they are back producing very low yields of exceptional fruit.