2018 Shottesbrooke Tide Chaser Chardonnay

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"No rules, no boundaries and no hesitation. The freedom of the ocean is our ultimate inspiration."

Appearance  :  clean | blonde | vibrant | charming

Bouquet  :  peach | pear | lemon | blossom

Palate  :  juicy | crunchy | lively | structured melon | grapefruit | peach | pineapple


2018 was an early one, with relentless hot weather throughout early summer, and very little rainfall. Sunburn was a persistent threat, so we strategically irrigated to ensure the canopies remained healthy.

Despite the viticultural challenges, ripening was nice and even, and when harvest began all varieties came into the winery smoothly.

Even with the dramatic start to the season, 2018 will be long remembered for its low yields of high quality, and a vintage that has produced a notable collection of graceful, elegant wines.