Freycinet Louis Riesling Schonburger 2022

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The Schönburger grape was developed in Germany and is a cross between Muscat Hamburg, Chasselas Rose and Pinot Noir. The Schönburger clone, is a cross between Pinot Noir and Traminer, originated in New Zealand.

The berries are pinkish like gewurtztramminer and exude delicious lychee and tropical fruit aroma and flavours. The Schönburger grape suits the cold climates in that it ripens well and has soft acidity.

The Riesling grape is a perfect blend partner adding floral aromas, citrus flavours and a lovely crisp acid spine. Blended from 85% Riesling and 15% Schönburger it is not surprising that fragrant, floral and tropical fruit aromas erupt from the glass.

The palate is a flood of citrus and tropical fruits harmoniously balanced with some residual sweetness and a cleansing crisp finish.

Grape: 15% Schonburger and 85% Riesling

Freycinet Vineyard, East Coast, Tasmania