Vinaceous Crafted By Hand Pétillant Naturel

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Vinaceous Pétillant Naturel is made, as the name implies, by a natural process.

Before the wine’s first, and only, fermentation process is fully complete, it is bottled.
Made in the ancient method of bottling before the primary ferment is complete, without the addition of secondary yeast or sugar, results in carbon dioxide being formed from the natural sugars already in the wine, and turning into bubbles.

For reasons of flavour, texture, pallet weight and importantly ripening timing, our Pétillant Naturel comes from a fusion of Arneis (54%), Pinot Grigio (30%) and Gewürztraminer (16%).
Fermentation begins in tank with Pinot Grigio, then Gewürztraminer finally Arneis , ferment continues for two months before slowing towards the end of the season (chill), but never stops.

The wine is racked a couple of times to allow settling.
Warmth energises the yeast before it is bottled.

Tropical, pears , almonds lush, tart, fresh and bubbly. Unfined, unfiltered and Vegan friendly.