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“Trevarrick Farm” was the original name of our property when it was first settled by John and Anne Trestrail in the 1850s. More than a century later in 1970, vines were planted on this magnificent land and established the Skillogalee vineyards. Our grapes are carefully hand-picked from each contour block on the Skillogalee estate, with the Trevarrick name reserved for wines crafted from select contours that showcase exceptional quality and varietal character.

The Trevarrick Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine of unique quality and character, produced from a single contour vineyard on the high-elevation hillside slopes of our property. This unique and undulating land, with its varied combination of soil, topography, viticulture, sunlight and temperature, results in a diverse selection of premium quality grapes from which we create our wines. The final blend is carefully tasted and chosen by our winemaking team to showcase the essence of Skillogalee.

Discover the history and terroir of Skillogalee estate in every sip of Trevarrick Cabernet Sauvignon.