Tscharke "A Thing of Beauty" Grenache 2021

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From distinct Grenache blocks hand-picked at different times to create layers and complexity right from the vineyard. The early grapes were de-stemmed and fermented colder to retain floral aromatics. The later picked fruit was de-stemmed and crushed on top of its own stalks in concrete fermenters. After inoculation, the ferments were managed with twice daily pump overs. Allowed to peak (in temperature) early, before being chilled and kept below 22C.

Once sugar-dry the ferments were bag pressed to tank to complete MLF, before being transferred to terracotta amphorae, to undergo élevage.

The blending of the different components was done in early August, then the wine was left in terracotta on lees for a further 8 months and bi-monthly bâtonnaged. Filtered prior to bottling.