Tscharke Gnadenfrei Red I

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The three varietals were individually hand-picked between late March and mid-April, at their optimal level of ripeness, from the Gnadenfrei South Vineyard. Shiraz was fully destemmed and crushed into concrete fermenters, whereas for both the Grenache and Mourvèdre parcels, a portion of the stalks was used during fermentation. All ferments were allowed to macerate for 48 hours before inoculation. Once fermenting, they were only chilled after peaking at 30°C. Caps were managed by hand, with punch downs twice daily. Once dry, the wines were pressed to tank to complete MLF, before being lightly racked to the cellar. After three months aging separately, the blend was carefully put together to highlight the character of this special vineyard. The final blend is 42% Grenache – 30% Mourvèdre – 28% Shiraz. The wine was èlevaged for a further 12 months in a French foudre and a single terracotta amphora, before being racked for bottling. With months of bottle aging before release, this wine will continue to evolve and develop a complexity that is unique to Gnadenfrei.